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[Jetpack Monitor] riverwizz.info is still offline.

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Hi pierreogier,

This is a follow up on the recent Jetpack Monitor alert you received. It appears that your site, http://riverwizz.info, is still not loading, and has been offline for 60 mins.

Your server is not responding to our monitoring requests. Your site may have PHP fatal errors, database connectivity issues, or other server-level problems. This page might help you figure out what is causing the problem.

We will continue monitoring your site, and will let you know when it’s up again.

View your site’s activity to investigate when and perhaps why it went down.

Read more about Monitor.

Why am I receiving this email?

You are receiving this email because you have activated Jetpack Monitor on your site. If you need to contact support, please include this reference: [138300483/server].

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